Monster Concepts 03

Monster concepts for a project. I… I have no idea. It didn’t turn out to be what I wanted but I like it so…. Gatoranglerfishdragon? (Woah Laura your monster names are so super classy wow.)


Sketchdump 002

Just some practice facial expressions. Used a reference: [link] It’s Wren again. (After her haircut, heh.) I think I’m pretty satisfied with this version of her. I’ve said before that if I could, I’d rather write Apprentice as a comic than a novel. Maybe someday…?

Morelia Sketch

Morelia Sketch

My character in a tabletop RPG. Playing around with more dramatic face shapes or something instead of just boring whatever stuff I don’t know? I’m having fun with Manga Studio 5. I… I kind of love it. Okay, more than kinda. I love it a lot. I wonked up the top of her dress a …